The imperiale mosque of sultan Süleyman to the legislator is considered(applies) as the most beautiful and most perfect Istanbul and appeared between 1550 - 1557 according to the plans of the most architect Sinan and one supposes that he(it) wanted to excel the Hagia Sophia with this work. Itself on one of the hills of Istanbul edifying mosque with their four geometrically ordered minarets an artistically chiselled pulpit and prayer alcove and gorgeous glass paintings has in their inside. A poor kitchen, a medical school, a Medresse, a hospice, a caravanserai and a bath belongs to the mosque complex.
Arrival on the Attatürk airport in Istanbul Inside of the flight hall of the Attatürk of airport Here we wait for our carrier who had already sighted us

"Place of the humiliation" means the Turkish word to mosque. In Suleiman mosque of Istanbul (Süleymaniye Cami) it is not difficult to bow to her master builder Sinan, the "writer in stone", as well as to Mecca, a travel writer swarmed. She is the biggest one of about 300 mosques of Istanbul.

Left: a friendly taxi driver drags our baggage - Right: by Istanbul to the hotel Left: Know Allah, where from he (the taxi drivers) knew this abbreviation to the hotel.
Of right: It is everywhere the same at hotels. Only it is to the registration. At last, after all formalities in our room What does woman first? Naturally, a bath take. Ladies first, the husband has to wait. Jeanette on the terrace. From the room taken Little bit later in the gate of the Ciragan hotels The first investigation attempt. We in the center

The current day had already run, actually, because a lot we could not explore any more or visit - in addition Istanbul with all its sights was too big. Besides, and after few hours, the day drew to a close gradually and it dawned slowly on Bosporus. And to be around next day fit, because we had planed for something, we walked slowly back to the hotel.

Stairway to the rooms
In the 16th century belonged the property in the water on which the current palace hotel stands, admiral Kilic Ali Pascha. The Kazancioglu garden named property applied from Besiktas to Ortaköy. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, the wife of the English ambassador Edward Wortley Montagu in the Ottoman empire, described about 1717 in a letter the Ciragan palace with the words: He stands in one of the most beautiful places in the channel, and behind it there is a hill with a wonderful forest. Its sizes are astonishing, the guard assured me, he accommodates 800 rooms what I can confirm, however, neither nor deny, because I have not counted them, but the number is very big certainly, and everything is decorated almost wastefully with marble, gold and strange paintings by fruits and flowers. The windows are equipped with the finest crystal glass from England, and here one experiences all expensive splendour which one expects from a palace which was established by a young man who disposes of the whole wealth of a big empire. Ahmet III gave the Kazancioglu garden to his son-in-law, the Grand Visier Ibrahim Pasha of Nevsehir who built there the first "Yali" (in the water convenient villa). Together with his wife Fatma sultan he organized there festivities with torch lighting which were soon named Ciragan Senlikleri (Ciragan bright parties). Therefore, the current name Ciragan also comes. For a while the palace was used by Mahmut I. also as a banquet hall for state guests.

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